Monday, September 22, 2008

the country fair

The Tunbridge World Fair started in 1867 and is a typical country fair: vegetable and livestock contests (including strange and large vegetables and obedience and strength skills for animals), fair rides and food (think: fried and greasy), and my favorite part of all: PIG RACES!!! Although a bit cruel to the pigs, they were hilarious to watch and something entirely new for me. There were three heats and the pigs all had names like "Dustin Hogman" and "Oscar Meyer". The first two heats were decently paced and actually ran around the track, but the third consisted of pot-bellied pigs who liked to stop and eat along the 125 foot track. Fun times!
this cow was much bigger than the ones in India!
largest pumpkin at 635 pounds
some very long and strange shaped veggies
go little piggies, go!
no pig race is complete without the pot-bellied ones

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the next chapter

Some people have asked me to keep my blog going, so I'm going to do my best and also do my best to keep it interesting. I will also probably upload more photos from my travels as I recovered those lost files and have tons of other ones as well.

I moved up to Vermont a little over a month ago, thus beginning the newest chapter in my life: graduate school. I'm at the Vermont Law School, but NOT for a law degree, for environmental policy. The town is located in South Royalton, which is rather rural and quite a change, but a great one. The closest grocery store is about 25 minutes away, in New Hampshire, but other than that drawback, everything else is great. Below are some photos of the town, school, and immediately surrounding areas.
bridge over the White River looking back from town
the bridge over the river
the school, although you can barely see it because of the trees...
"downtown" - across the street is the "Green"
my house - the bottom floor is divided into 2 apartments and then 5 of us live on the second and third floors, this photo makes the house look awesome, but the inside is STILL under renovation (small stuff that will probably never be finished)
looking at the green from our living room
on the White River, just down the street
from Kent's Ledge, just above South Royalton