Friday, February 29, 2008

lost photos

I plugged my camera in today to try and update my blog only to discover that somehow hundreds of my photos have disappeared. If anyone knows how to recover lost photos, please let me know. Hopefully I'll recover them soon and then I can update my blog. Sob...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

anjuna, goa

this group of girls practically mauled me!
lanterns in the breeze

all the spices you could ever want

boulders, and saris

two humongous boulders
a view of the boulder-strewn river
a nice vantage point
colorful saris
pretty horns! they have a festival honoring the cows and ox and they paint their horns. i'm sure the animals love it.

more hampi

these were once the government's elephant stables
part of the "lotus mahal"
ceiling carvings in one of the many ruins
women in saris in front of a temple
me and justin (from US) in the window of a ruin


So far, Hampi is my favorite place in India. It's really calm and has amazing ruins doting the landscape, not to mention some incredible boulders. I tried my best to do some rock climbing, but wasn't very successful considering I'm super weak and I lost all my callouses back in Mexico.
one of the ruins, the main temple in town (still active) and some boulders
looking through the ruins at the temple
the after glow
a magic man in his bright turban
through the looking glass...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

tea plantations and Mysore

I took a respite from the heat and went to some tea plantations in the mountains. It was a very welcome break from all the sweating I had been doing on the coasts of southern India. Afterwards, I headed to Mysore, a decently sized city with some palaces and the heart of incense production in the world.

women collecting tea on the plantation
royal palace in Mysore
woman making incense
massive statue of shiva, the bull god